British Sovereign Gold Coin

331.78 USD

Weight7.320 Gr/ 0.24 Oz

British sovereign coins issued by the British Royal Mint. Each coin contains .2354 oz of gold.

The sovereign features the image of St. George slaying a dragon on one side, with and image of the King or Queen of England, depending on year of issue. 

The sovereign gold coin was issued by the British Royal Mint between the years of 1817-1937, and discontinued until 1980, when it was reintroduced.

The British Royal Mint also issues the half sovereign, which is also very popular amongst individuals buying gold, particularly in the United Kingdom.

The Sovereign is also available in quarter sovereign and double sovereign sizes, but these are less common.

The Royal Mint also produce the British Britannia series, which is available in gold and in silver, and the Queen's Beasts coin series, which was first introduced in 2016. This series is available in gold, silver and platinum.

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Weight7.320 Grams / 0.24 Oz
Serial NumberNo
PackagingPlastic Slip
ManufacturerRoyal Mint