1 Ounce 2016 Platinum Austrian Philharmonic Coin

1,122.35 USD

Weight31.105 Gr/ 1.00 Oz

Brand new 1 Ounce 2016 Platinum Austrian Philhamonic Coin.

The 2016 Austrian Philharmonic platinum coin is the first in the series to be produced by the Austrian Philharmonic.

The coin features the image of the Vienna Philharmonic on the front, with the size, fineness, year of the coin. Beneath this is the coin's face value of 100 Euros. 

The reverse of the coin features an image of a number of instruments used by the famous Vienna Philharmonic. 

The 1 Ounce Philharmonic coin is also available in gold and silver. 


Weight31.105 Grams / 1.00 Oz