Swiss Vreneli Gold Coin (Swiss Miss)

233.79 USD

Weight 5.807 Grams / 0.187 Oz
Serial Number No
Condition Circulated
Packaging Plastic Slip


Vreneli gold coins are also referred to as the Swiss Helvetica coin, or colloquially as the "Swiss Miss". 

These coins were produced by the Swiss government from 1883 - 1949.

Each coin features the image of a lady ("Swiss Miss") with the Swiss Alps in the background and the word 'Helvetia' on the front.

The reverse of the coin features the Swiss shield with the face value of the coin and the year of mintage. The design is surrounded by a laurel.

The Swiss Vreneli coin contains 5.8 grams of gold. Because the coin is no longer manufactured, all coins come in circulated condition.

The Swiss Vreneli, along with the French Marianne or Rooster coins are the most popular European coins available, other than those produced currently by the Austrian Philharmonic.

The Swiss Vreneli is very popular amongst European gold investors, particularly those located in Western Europe.

This item is available for VAT-free Swiss storage.


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