100 Ounce Perth Mint Silver Bar

Weight 3110.500 Grams / 100.005 Oz
Serial Number Yes
1942.44 USD

100 Ounce Perth Mint silver bars

These bars are an excellent option for silver investors looking to buy silver in larger amounts.

These bars features the Perth Mint logo with a Swan at the top. At the bottom of the bar is the weight and fineness. 

Also inscribed on the bar is its own unique serial number.

The Perth Mint produces silver bars for investors in a range of sizes, from 1 Ounce to 100 Ounce sizes. They also produce a number of highly popular silver coins, including the silver Koala, silver Kangaroo and silver Kookaburra coins. 

The Perth Mint produces precious metals products for investors in gold, silver and platinum.

These 100 Ounce Perth Mint silver bars are available for VAT-free storage in Switzerland.

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