1 Kilogram Andorran Silver Coin Bar

Weight 1000.000 Grams / 32.151 Oz
Serial Number No
Manufacturer Umicore
597.33 USD
Out of Stock

1 Kilogram Andorran silver coin bar.

This bar contains 99.9% fine investment grade silver bullion.

Although this product is in the shape of a silver bar, it is recognised as proper legal tender in the country of Andorra. Each 1 Kg silver coin bar has a face value of 30 Dinars. 

The top of the bar features a coin imprint, with the word Andorra written above, and the coin's face value as well as the year of minting located below. In the middle of the coin is an image of an Eagle, with its wings spread about to start flight. 

Below the coin imprint is written the weight and fineness of the bar, as well as the logo of Umicore, who manufacure these bars on behalf of the Andorran government.

These bars are available for VAT-free Swiss storage.

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