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Buy Silver Britannias

The silver British Britannia coin was launched by the Royal Mint in the United Kingdom in 1997. The coin followed the Gold British Britannia, which was first launched in 1987.

A History of the British Britannia coin

The British Britannia silver coin was launched in 1987 in 1 Ounce denomination only. Originally the coins contained a purity of 95.8%, however in 2013 the Royal Mint increased the purity of these coins to 99.9% fine, in line with the international standard for investment grade silver bullion. However, the 1 Ounce silver Britannia coin is by far the most popular amongst silver investors. 

In 2014, the Royal Mint launched a special edition series of these silver Britannia coins, titled the 'Lunar' series, which celebrate the Chinese calendar. These continue to be released each year, however they are more popular among silver coin collectors over those looking to buy silver coins for investment purposes. 

About the Silver British Britannia

The front of the silver Britannia coin features an image of Queen Elizabeth II, with the coin's face value inscribed at the top. Each 1 Ounce silver Britannia has a face value of £2. 

Silver British Britannia Face Values

5 Oz Silver Britannia £10.00
1 Oz Silver Britannia £2.00
1/2 Oz Silver Britannia £1.00
1/4 Oz Silver Britannia £0.50
1/10 Oz Silver Beritannia £0.20
1/20 Oz Silver Britannia £0.10

The image of Lady Britannia comes from the time when Great Britain was part of the Roman Empire, and was named 'Britannia'. The image of Lady Britannia was first used on Roman Coinage around the year AD 116. The Britannia series of coins produced by the Royal Mint is the first series issued by the British government to contain this image. The reverse of the coin features an image of Lady Britannia, walking across the water, with a trident in one hand and a shield in the other. The year of minting is inscribed at the top. 

The silver British Britannia coin is a really good choice for silver investors, and is hugely popular with investors in Europe, and particularly in the United Kingdom. These coins are issued by the Royal Mint and under UK law have legal tender value, which means that no capital gains tax is payable on any profits that result from an investment in these coins. For this reason, many UK residents will select to invest in Silver Britannia Monster Boxes to build a larger portfolio of silver coins. sell both the 1 Ounce silver Britannia and the silver Britannia Monster box to silver investors worldwide for delivery or for Swiss vault storage.