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Buy Silver American Eagles

The American Eagle Silver Bullion Coin was released as part of the American Eagle Series issued by the United States Mint. Currently, the American Eagle is available in gold, silver and platinum. Both the gold American Eagle and the Platinum American Eagle are available in fractional sizes, but the Silver American Eagle is available in the 1 Ounce size only.

A History of the American Eagle

The silver American Eagle coin was first released to the precious metals market in 1986. The coin followed on from the gold American Eagle, which was released in 1985. The gold American Eagle was hugely popular, and so the United States Mint decided to expand their range of Eagle coins to silver. 

An interesting fact about the creation of the Silver American Eagle coin is that the United States had continuously built up a stockpile of silver bullion, and at that time was struggling to move the excess silver. It was difficult for the US government to arrange a 'selloff' of silver, because any announcement of one would create a negative impact on the silver price. The opportunity to sell silver American Eagle coins suited the United States Government as a way to sell off some of the excess silver that was mined annually at market price. 

The Silver American Eagle coin was first struck by the San Francisco branch of the United States Mint. Since that time, the Silver American Eagle series has been minted at the San Francisco MInt, the Philhadelphia Mint and the West Point Mint, although there is no distinction in the coins. At the time of the 2008 recession, demand for silver American Eagle coins increased significantly, and annal silver Eagle minting increased from around 9 million annually to up to 40 million annually. Since that time, minting has decreased down to around 18 million annually. Silver American Eagle coins have always been popular with individuals looking to invest in silver coins. They are recognised around the world and have a beautiful design.

About the Silver American Eagle

The 1 Ounce Silver American Eagle Coin features an image of Lady Liberty walking, with the sun rising behind her, and an olive branch in her left arm. Written above her head is the word 'Liberty'. To her right is written 'In God We Trust', and at the bottom of the coin the year of minting is inscribed. 

The reverse of the coin features an image of a Bald Eagle with 13 stars above his head, representing the original 13 states of America. Above the coin is written 'United States of America', and beneath it, '1 Oz, Fine Silver - One Dollar'. Each 1 Ounce silver American Eagle coin has a face value of $1 USD. Obviously, the silver content in this coin is worth much more, however this means that the United States governement will guarantee each coin to the value of $1 USD. This legal tender value can also have tax implications, particularly for European silver investors, as VAT is not always payable on silver coins that are government issued with legal tender value. 

The 1 Ounce Silver American Eagle is available as a single coin, or as a monster box of 500 pieces. The Monster Box of American Eagles is very popular with silver investors who like to purchase the coins in bulk. 

The silver American Eagles, alongside the silver Canadian Maple Leaf coin and the silver Austrian Philharmonic coin, are the most popular silver coins currently available worldwide. These silver coins are regularly purchased in Monster Boxes by silver investors. sell the silver American Eagle coin to clients for VAT exempt Swiss storage, or for delivery worldwide.