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Buy Platinum Queen's Beasts

The Queen’s Beasts platinum coin was first introduced into the precious metals market in 2017, and is the first platinum coin to be sold by the Royal Mint.  The Queen’s Beasts series is a new series of coins launched by the Royal Mint in 2016, initially in gold and silver. The coin is available as a 1 Ounce gold coin, and a 2 Ounce silver coin. In 2017, the 1 ounce platinum coin was also introduced to the series.

The Queen’s Beasts coin series has been launched as a 10-coin series, to be made available on the market over several years. All 1 Ounce Platinum coins in this series will have a face value of £100, and contain 99.95% fine investment grade platinum bullion.

The 10 Queen’s Beasts images that will be used in this series include: