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Buy Platinum Platypus

The platinum Platypus coin was first introduced into the precious metals market in 2011. The Platypus is an animal, similar to the beaver, that is indigenous to Australia. In the 1800-1900, it was highly coveted for its fur, and poaching Platypus became very popular. As a result, the animals have since become protected.

Each year, the Perth mint launches a new Platypus coin, with a different design. The platinum Platypus coin is popular with individuals looking to buy platinum coins along with the platinum Maple Leaf, platinum Philharmonic and platinum American Eagle.

All coins contain 99.95% fine investment grade platinum bullion, and are sold sealed in a plastic capsule. The 1 Ounce platinum Platypus has a face value of 100 Australian Dollars, and is considered legal tender issued by the Australian government.

The front of the coin features an image of Queen Elizabeth II.

Mintage of the Perth Mint Platypus coin has increased over time. Initially it was launched with an annual minting of 30,000 coins, however after 2012 it became apparent that demand was quite high, and these number were not satisfying the demand. Thereafter, the coin was struck with unlimited minting, adjusted to the demand at that time. offers its clients the option to buy the Platinum platypus coin for VAT-free storage or for delivery.