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Buy Platinum Philharmonics

The Austrian Mint is one of the most prominent precious metals refineries in Europe, and the Philharmonic coin series is the largest in mainland Europe. Gold and silver Philharmonic coins are highly sought after, particularly amongst European precious metals collectors. In 2016, in order to address increasing demand for the Philharmonic series, the platinum Philharmonic coin was launched by the Austrian Mint.

The gold Philharmonic coin was first introduced into the precious metals market in 1989. From 1989-1999, Philharmonic coins had a face value in Schillings. In 2000, the face value was updated to Euros. The silver Philharmonic coin was introduced into the market in 2008.

The Philharmonic coin series was designed to celebrate the world-famous Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and concert hall. The coin’s front features a series of instruments that are played by the Viennese philharmonic. These include string instruments, like the cello and harp, and brass instruments, like the horn. The reverse of the platinum Philharmonic coin features an image of the world-famous organ located in the central Viennese concert hall.

The Austrian Philharmonic coin is only available in 1-ounce sizes, which is standard across the platinum market for investment coins. The platinum Philharmonic has become a popular item for platinum investors to purchase, due to its beautiful design and high quality. Clients can buy platinum philharmonics indiviually or in tubes of twenty pieces.