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Buy Platinum American Eagles

The American Platinum Eagle coin was first released to platinum investors in 1997. Platinum Eagle coins contain 99.95% fine investment grade platinum bullion. Each one-ounce platinum coin also has a face value of $100 USD.

The American Eagle series of coins is produced by the United States Mint, and is available in gold, silver and platinum. The gold and silver American Eagle coins were released first, and the platinum coin was introduced at a later date due to the high demand for US American Eagle coins.

The American Eagle platinum coin is one of the most popular platinum coins available on the market, and is the only platinum coin currently available in fractional sizes. Platinum American Eagles were produced in fractional sizes until 2008, when they started to produce the coin only in the 1 Ounce size. The coin features a new design each year, however all American Eagle platinum coins feature an image of Lady Liberty.

The US Mint has also issued some special edition platinum Eagles since the coin’s launch in 1997. For example, from 2006 until 2008, the platinum Eagle coins each featured a different image representing the branches of the US government – the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches.

From 2009 until 2014, the platinum American Eagle coins feature images reflecting the Preamble of the US Constitution. These include:

  1. To form a more perfect union
  2. To establish justice
  3. To insure domestic tranquillity
  4. To provide for the common defence
  5. To promote the general welfare
  6. To secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity

The American Eagle platinum coins produced in 2015 and 2016 feature images of the Torches of liberty. These include:

  1. Independence
  2. Enlightenment

American platinum Eagles are normally minted in quantities under 10,000 annually.

The platinum American Eagle coin is very popular with platinum investors. The platinum Maple Leaf and the platinum Eagle are the two most popular platinum coins for those looking to buy platinum coins. Recently, other governments have also introduced a platinum coin in order to try to meet the demand of those looking to buy platinum. These include the platinum Kangaroo, which is produced by the Perth Mint, and the platinum Philharmonic, which is produced by the Austrian Mint.

Because platinum American Eagle coins are produced in smaller quantities annually, they are a better option for clients looking to buy platinum coins in smaller quantities. For clients looking to purchase platinum coins in large quantities, the platinum Maple Leaf is the best option.