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Buy PAMP Platinum

PAMP is one of Switzerland's most prominent precious metals refineries. PAMP gold, silver, platinum and palladium bars are very popular with investors looking to buy precious metals. PAMP features a number of series of designs, the most popular of which include the PAMP Fortuna series, the PAMP Lunar series and the PAMP Faith series. The PAMP Fortuna series is by far the most popular of the PAMP products available to bullion investors. PAMP's platinum series is only available in the PAMP Fortuna series. 

PAMP was the first precious metals refinery in the world to introduce the concept of an artistic design on an investment gold bar. This design was the PAMP Fortuna design. The bar proved to be hugely popular, and the design was then used on all precious metals refined by PAMP. Today, PAMP manufacture the PAMP Fortuna series in gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium.

PAMP Platinum Bars

PAMP Platinum bars are available in a range of sizes, from PAMP 1 gram platinum bars up to PAMP 1 Kilogram platinum bars. The most popular sizes PAMP platinum bars are the 1 Ounce platinum bar and the 10 ounce platinum bar. The smaller sized PAMP platinum bars, including the 1 Ounce PAMP platinum bar, are sold sealed in their own plastic certicard to prevent damage. The bar features the iconic Lady Fortuna design on the front. The reverse of the bar features the PAMP logo, with the bar's weight, fineness and serial number. All PAMP platinum bars contain 99.95% pure investment grade platinum bullion. 

PAMP 10 Ounce and 1 Kilogram platinum bars feature the same design as the PAMP 1 Ounce platinum bar. However, due to their weight, they are not sealed in their own certicard. These bars usually are sold in a plastic case, with an official PAMP certificate. The larger sized PAMP platinum bars are popular with investors looking to buy platinum in larger quantities. PAMP 1 Ounce, 10 Ounce and 1 Kilogram platinum bars are all sold with a relatively low premium, which makes them a good investment option for individuals looking to invest in platinum bars. 

PAMP Multigram Bars

PAMP has recently released their own multigram bar series, in line with the popularity of the Valcambi combibar. The PAMP multigram platinum bar is sold as 25 x 1 Gram pieces of PAMP platinum, each of which are individually sealed in a small certicard. Each bar can be broken off from the main packaging.


The front of each bar still features the PAMP Fortuna design, and the back contains the PAMP logo, with the weight, fineness, metal type and serial number of each bar. The serial numbers are not inscribed on the individual bars, only on the packaging. All PAMP platinum bars contain 999.5 fine investment grade platinum bullion.